Stuart Elliott

Position Goalkeeper

A Team

0 0

1st XI

16 (3) 0


5 (2) 0

Joined the club by mistake when he thought it was the Egham branch of  the Wolves Supporters Club, it wasn’t a case of the club spotting Stu’s undoubted talents, more him spotting us hacking round the pitch as his workplace at the time overlooked fortress Nobles.

Signed primarily as a goalkeeper, Stu has worked his way up the management ladder, often due to the fact that he was the only one organised enough to carry out the numerous chores with keeping everything at the club ticking over, and Stu now leads from the front as 1st team manager and has led the team to promotion and a County Cup victory.

Last season, Stu reached a great milestone when one of his kicks finally reached the half-way line.