Rob Attreed

Position Midfielder

1st XI

77 (6) 10


3 0

Rob came to the club in 2014 on the recommendation of Joe Gilliland and fortunately the club decided not to hold it against him. His all energy performances saw him get straight into the 1st team where he has been a regular ever since (when he isn’t on holiday or doing something else).

Rob provides an example to the rest of the team. Whereas most of the squad finish training or match huffing and puffing, Rob’s fitness levels enable him to do a running session for half an hour before training (having cycled to get there), and then pedalling up the hill home afterwards. Early in the 2015-6 season, Rob completed a triathlon on a Saturday morning before arriving at the 1st team game at Cranleigh in the afternoon, where he still managed to do more running than several players. His heroics continued off the pitch where Rob single-handedly fought off ten yobs picking on a single lady at the train station (although he doesn’t like to talk about it).

However one area where Rob really falls down (apart from supporting West Ham) is his dress sense. Forget about cockneys dressing smartly, Rob has a horrific collection of luminous training tops, wears crocs up the pub, and turns up for games looking like he got dressed in the dark.