Elliott Hook

Position Defender

1st XI

9 (2) 1


31 (1) 1

Central defender Elliott joined the club in season 2015-6, and after finding his feet with some commanding performances in the Reserves team, he broke into the 1st XI by the end of the season, only to lose his place the following season as he continued his education in Bournemouth.

Still making the odd appearance when back in the area, he put in one of the worst defensive displays in recent memory for the Reserves after turning up to the game late and still half-cut from the night before.

His team mates worry about how he’s struggling with life on the coast due to his increasingly dishevelled look when he returns, at least he’s finally managed a proper beard some two years after he started growing it. Away from football, he loves nothing more than spending time with his good pal Sam O’Connell.