Curt Watts

Position Defender

1st XI

101 (4) 7


0 0

After a few odd appearances in season 2015-6, coming along to boost numbers as a mate of Michael O’Grady (which gained inevitable sympathy for the poor lad of having to spend more time with MOGs than is healthy), Curt became a fixture in the 1st XI defence in season 2016-7 with solid defending and sharp banter.

Claiming to have a striker’s touch, he showed the striker’s trick of claiming goals that blatantly were not his, surely the only way he was ever going to register on the scoresheet (except own goals for the opposition).

Curt was deservedly fined by the club for disregarding the Christmas jumper rule at the 2016 Christmas social – nobody believed his old school jumper was Christmassy simply because it was red.