Craig Bartlett

Position Midfielder

1st XI

104 (1) 7


1 3

Son of a prominent non-league manager, Craig has spent his football life trying to escape the shadow of his more famous old man. Joining the club in pre-season of 2014-5, he talked his way into the role as the defensive shield in the Old Boys midfield.

After disappearing for season 2015-6 to try out for ITV’s The Voice and spend more time on his other great passion, taking advantage of Heathrow Bowls’ £1.25/game morning session, CB11 returned to the club in 2016-7 determined to win his place back. Sporting some new footie kit which he’d nicked off his Dad and claiming a new found ability to strike free-kicks which even come close to reaching the opposition goal, he managed to win his place back in the team.

His team-mates and manager retain the hope that one day he will play a game as great as the one he talks.