Adam Norwood

Position Striker

1st XI

93 (29) 36


18 (2) 14

The second in the long line of Norwoods to play for the Old Boys, having cheered the club on as a youngster, Adam made his first appearance in a pre-season friendly (having carried on the fine Old Boys tradition of not bothering with training), and capped an impressive debut by scoring a very well taken goal.

Adam started his first season on the bench for the Reserves, but worked his way up to being the main man in the first team, and wreaking a reign of terror on the league’s creaky old defences. Regular winner of the club top goalscorer and bestist Norwood award, Adam ensures that the club is kept up to date of all their stats (especially his own), by keeping his wallchart updated on his bedroom wall.

Carrying on another Norwood tradition with his receding hairline, Adam decided to cover the issue up with an experiment with long hair and a ridiculous girly alice band – an experiment that fortunately lasted about as long as his stamina in training.